Learning to Win at Poker

To succeed in poker you need to understand the how to play the game, learn basic strategy, and understand how to adapt to different situations. The rest is patience and practice.

Like all new players, when I first started out playing poker I had no clue what I was doing. I had a basic understanding of the game, didn’t know poker hand rankings by memory, let alone what a good starting hand was, and I was intrigued by the rush of the game. I didn’t have any expectations of quitting my day job to play poker full time. But soon after I started playing I realized that I wasn’t winning very many hands and the novelty of the game soon wore off. Truth is, I was still having fun, but wanted to win, just a little bit instead of losing money all the time.

Like 90% of all players online, I was a recreational player just looking to have fun. So what was it about my playing that made me lose? The fact is it wasn’t much, I just didn’t have a very good understanding on how to play the game, make strategic decisions, or how to take advantage of opportunities when they were presented to me. The good news is that if you learn a few strategy basics and play poker for fun, you can become a winning poker player without having to read countless books, visit poker forums to discuss strategy, or hire a poker coach.

In learning to play poker I discovered something along the way. I was missing only a little bit of information that held me back from winning. Now I’m not talking about countless hours of study, and reading every poker book that was ever printed. Only reading a few articles and talking with a few people took me from a being a losing player to a winning player. I was shocked by just how little I I needed to know to start winning pots. The truth is that if you play poker for fun you are probably playing at stakes with people just like you. People who really don’t have a clue how to play the game.  I create Succeed in Poker to educate people on how to play so they too can have fun, and make a little money at it.

The site is organized into a program of sorts that guides people through the basics of the game and strategy. If you’ve never played a hand before, or are a frustrated player that can’t seem to catch a decent hand, read through this site section by section and you will be amazed at how your game improves. Poker rooms can be hard to find to play at these days for US players especially. Lock Poker just released their 2.0 software, which is well worth checking out if you live in the USA and want to play online